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Located in the port estate, NETADI has warehousing infrastructure consisting of the following:


  • Four medium-sized warehouses of a total area of 5,200 m², that is a total exploitable volume of 11,683.20 m3, located at the company’s registered office.
  • A large warehouse built on an estate of three (03) hectares surface area, including a big covered storehouse of 9,300 m²; that is a total exploitable volume of 90,070 m3 along with a space of concrete platform covering 8,800 m², all this being located at 200 metres from the Lomé Port Authority.

Having understood your stakes and in order to anticipate your business and logistics-related needs, NETADI is willing to provide you with appropriate solutions which will further the development of your commercial activities.


Whatsoever shall be your industrial sector, NETADI will provide you with the dedicated warehousing facilities for the storage of your goods.