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Human resources
HR Policies

Human potential is obviously the basic assets of most of enterprises but at NETADI, it is even an integral part of the strategic main lines of the company.


The company’s human resources-related policies are major assets of its growth and development, and are hence aimed at perfectly adapting human resources to an optimal achievement of its goals, while placing the customer in the centre of the firm.




The human resources policy of NETADI turns around five (05) main goals such as:


  • The creation of a permanent and rich dialogue between the Management and the personnel;
  • High rating of cooperation between individuals and groups within the company, through “project-based” mode of functioning;
  • Furtherance of internal mobility, flexibility and quick adaptation to change;
  • Enhancement of skills and expertise of each employee in order to further individual development in compliance with the fundamental values of NETADI;
  • Follow-up of the development of men and women within the company in order to ensure the optimal satisfaction of our customers and business partners.